Starving For More Products is a brand of The Westfield Group LLC. The Westfield Group LLC (WFG LLC) is located in Denver, Colorado and was founded in March of 2000 to provide cutting edge products and services to the online community.

Over the years WFG LLC has provided unique service offerings as an affiliate in the financial services area, product auction markets as well as other markets and industries. Millions of dollars of revenue has been generated with this business model.

In June of 2013 the board of directors made the strategic decision to expand the portfolio of offerings to include products and services unique to and offered only by WFG LLC. This started with the decision to establish a publishing division in June of that year. This culminated in the publishing of twelve non-fiction titles in various genre ranging from mental health to weight loss.

These titles are published both as hard copies on Amazon’s Createspace hard copy publishing service and as kindle eBooks on Amazon’s KDP platform. These books are still available on Amazon and sell multiple copies monthly.

In November 2014 the board of directors again announced the expansion of the company’s offerings to include physical products sold with Amazon’s FBA (fulfilled by amazon) service. Soon thereafter the company announced the introduction of their new product: The 16 oz Coffee Travel Mug under the brand name Starving For More Products. It is currently available on Amazon.