Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to get the most out of your Coffee Travel Mug.

FAQ 1 –  Can I use this Mug for more than just coffee?

Yes, you can use it for whatever your favorite beverage is, hot or cold.

FAQ 2 –  Will this Mug fit in most vehicle drinking container holders?

Yes, the base of your new mug is narrow enough so that it will fit in most automobile container holders.

FAQ 3  –  Will My New Travel Mug Keep My Beverage Warm or Cold For An Extended Period of Time?

Yes, the double walled plastic thermal insulator design will serve to keep your beverage warm or cool for an extended period of time. Generally longer than it takes most people to drink a 16oz beverage even with multi-tasking and distractions.

FAQ 4 –  What is the best way to wash my travel mug?

We strongly recommend hand washing your new coffee travel mug. As the outer wall is stainless steel dishwashers can damage the mug. Also, do not use bleach or cleansers containing chlorine. Never put this mug in a microwave.

FAQ 5 –  Can children use this travel mug?

We recommend when the mug is filled with hot liquids that you keep it out of reach of children. Although the snap on lid with the slide lock will help to prevent the liquid from splashing out of the container, if the mug is knocked over liquid will spill or leak out. We also recommend that you allow the liquid to cool to a comfortable drinking temperature before you snap on the lid.

FAQ 6  –  Is The Mug Leak or Spill Proof?

No. The slide lock is designed to reduce or even eliminate splashes. However, it is not “water proof” and liquid will leak out of the slide lock even when closed if the cup is knocked over or tipped to an extreme angle. The best way to reduce liquid from leaking out onto the lid is to NOT overfill the cup.  We recommend not filling the cup more than 3/4 full.